Thursday, September 1, 2011

32 weeks: Noah's Second Sonogram!

No make up after a long week- picture is a little rough!

Along: 32 weeks
Size of baby:  Noah is the size of a jicama.  He is 3.5 pounds (the doctor measured and weighed him on Tuesday). He is plumping up and gaining more and more baby fat. He has also developed sensitivity to temperature and has little toe nails and finger nails now.   Because of the mature lungs and strengthened immune system, over 90% of babies survive when born in their 32nd week! Yay for a milestone Noah! 
Jicama fruit- thought you might want to know what it looks like!

Maternity Clothes:   I’ve been in dresses/ shorts all week because of the poison ivy, so the maternity clothes have taken a back seat. I can still wear all my old loose dresses which have come in handy with the blisters and bumps my legs are now sporting.  
 Gender:  A BOY! Noah Walker Clem
Movement:  He is always moving. He is very rarely still for more than 30 minutes. He is especially active after my daily Snickers bar. He is now head down- so his feet are kicking up at the top of my belly. The nurse was able to show us exactly how he is laying while we watched him on the sonogram. It’s amazing. I don’t know when he flipped- but the bun is sure cooking in the oven!   
Sleep: It’s been a big problem. It’s not Noah’s fault. The poison ivy has really made sleeping miserable. I’m praying that God will heal all this up soon. My patience (along with Matt’s) is running short with it. I’m constantly itchy and hot.
What I miss:     I miss being not itchy.
Cravings:  Chocolate milk, Ice water, bananas
Symptoms: Back pain, fatigue, irritability
Best Moment This Week:   On Tuesday, Matt and I got to see Noah for the second time. He was SO cute. I am bias, but he has a precious little button nose and was sucking on his feet. We can’t really tell who he will look like, but my mom thought he might have inherited the Boysen forehead. She says it’s a good sign-means there is more room for a big brain. It was amazing to see him. Matt has never held a new born (neither have I), but we decided that Noah will be the first newborn that Matt will ever hold. I think it’s going to be pretty special. Hopefully, he won’t pull a fumblerooski. (J/K) Anyways, Noah Walker Clem is growing just fine and everything checked out great. He won’t be a 12 pound baby- the doctor is expecting him to be more around 6 to7 pounds. That’s right where I was. They told me genetically, I will probably not ever give birth to big babies. Noah will be perfect and we could not be more excited and feel more blessed. His arrival is only 8 weeks away!
This is the type of stuff Matt does with Bartle when I'm away at work. I thought it was too cute not to share. Once Noah is born, his pictures will dominate this blog. I'm still trying to figure out how to get the sonogram pictures up. They are in 4D!   

Peace. Love, and Watch out Lebron James because Bartle is now the King,

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  1. only 8 weeks away!?!! ahhhh! can't wait to meet baby Noah :) and in case you don't hear it enough - you are a BEAUTIFUL pregger mama! love y'all!