Saturday, April 30, 2011

Colby's Response

Now let me say, I have loved everyone's response to us having a baby. We have felt so surrounded by love and support. God has been SO good. He is SO good. We could not feel more blessed. However, my favorite response came from Matt's cousin Colby when he found out we were having a baby.

I'm going to give you a small background on Colby. I met Colby Christmas 2009 in DC. Since then, him and I have been buds. When we play games, he often lets me win and calls me "the queen." I love it the most because it makes Matt so mad that Colby likes me better. :) He is one of the kindest, sweetest, toughest, and funniest six year old boys I have ever met.  We even had the privilege of having him in our wedding along with his awesome sister Shelby. Colby and Shelby stole the show with their dance moves at the reception. Matt and I adore Colby and Shelby.

Anyways, Laurie, Matt's mom, called Oma to tell her the news about the new member of the family to come. Oma was with Aunt Cyndi and Colby. As Laurie was telling Oma the news, Oma was repeating it to Aunt Cyndi and Colby. Laurie told Oma, you better reserve October, you are going to be a great grandma. As Oma repeated it, she said aloud "In October, I'm going to be a great-grandmother." Colby heard this and immediately responded, "In October, I'm going to be a DAD!" Congratulations Colby, yes, yes, you are going to be a dad. They quickly told Colby, that he wasn't going to be a dad, but he would be a cousin.

Here are some pictures of the amazing time Matt and I got to have with them in California this past Christmas. Oma and Opa let us come visit them, and we had the best time. Matt is blessed with a very large and sweet family.

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