Thursday, April 21, 2011

13 Weeks for Baby Clemintine

Along: 13Weeks
Size of baby: Baby is the size of a peach
Total Weight Gain/Loss: not sure, same? With morning sickness I think I lost about 7 pounds. I know with the doughnuts, Cinnabon, and pizza that have been lying around my tax office, it might have gained some. Matt and I need to purchase a scale here in the near future. I've just been putting it off. I didn't want to obsess over it.
Maternity Clothes: I'm still wearing my normal clothes. The pants do seem to feel a little tighter this week. Not sure if it's the baby, or if it's the endless snacks that I have been eating to make these 60 hour work weeks doable.
Gender: I'm thinking girl. We won't know until the beginning of June. My mom said her symptoms were really similar to mine. I guess that's just stuck in my brain. I also know that I am the oldest and Matt has an older sister, so it seems that a girl usually rules the roost around both of our households. I'm not expecting anything different if we have a girl first. I was quite the bossy and smothering older sister.
Movement: Nothing yet, I think that will happen more around 16-22 weeks.
Sleep: sleep has been good. I have to use the restroom at least once every night. I usually want to go to sleep by 8:30 or 9. I have been super exhausted since about week 6 of my pregnancy.
What I miss: I miss coffee. I love how it makes me feel in the morning. I also miss Ashley Baker. She is in Peru for six weeks, and she was my accountability/running partner. The baby's exercise has gone down significantly since she left last week. I also miss sharing the small details of my day with her. :) I know she is having an amazing time sharing the gospel in Peru as well as teaching orphans English!
Cravings: Salads, fruits, and sweets! I crave Greek salad and every type of fruit. I love berries the most along with apples.
Symptoms: Constant car sickness, tired, and grumpy. I'm hoping for the second trimester pick up any day now. I feel blessed though. I can't complain. Morning sickness is a good sign, and I
m glad the baby is growing inside of me. I constantly know he/she is there.
Best Moment This Week: We got to housesit for my parents this past weekend. Matt loves my parents dogs and just gave them so much attention. He kept running around and playing hide-n-go- seek with them. It is hilarious. He’d hide and eventually Bartle would show Mayberry where Matt was hiding. She would peak her face around the corner and Matt would scream. It scared her, but made her so hyper. These dogs were eating up his attention.  He'd play fetch for hours. Bartle constantly stares at Matt watching his next move. I have never seen a dog love a human so much.  It was an amazing glimpse of how he will be with baby Clem. We also got spoiled and once my parents came home, they cooked up steak and potatoes. We had a really good time. Grammy Tammy and Grandpa Jim are quite excited for the newborn to arrive !:)

Here is my silly husband showing what it looks like to be married to a 13 week pregnant woman :)! He has been the best!

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  1. Matt's picture cracked me up!

    I craved Baskin Robbins ice cream, pistachio and banana flavors when I was pregnant with Matt. I had it once a week, probably accounted for the 50 pound weight gain. Ha ha