Sunday, March 19, 2017

19 weeks - Life is sweet!

Along: 19 weeks

Size of baby: Baby is the size of a zesty zucchini. Love bug is growing hair and has fully developed lips. The areas of the brain that control each of the senses are currently developing.  

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Ten pounds. I really thought it might be fifteen, so I’m totally OK with ten.  

Maternity Clothes: Summer is coming which means HOT in Texas.  It was 86 degrees on Saturday and I was really struggling. I can tell this August baby will really test my ability to stand the heat. That being said- I’ve loved dresses to help keep me cool.

Gender: We had checkup on Tuesday- heart beat was 158. I had the sonogram on Wednesday- heartbeat was at 144. I thought girl Tuesday and boy Wednesday. This will be a back/forth type thing- I guarantee. Matt is 95% sure it’s a boy.

Movement: Yes! This was affirmed watching our little one kick and punch on the sonogram machine. The boys kept saying baby was a ninja.

Sleep: I find myself usually awake from 3-5 am. If I fallback asleep, it’s a good night. If I’m up for the day starting at oh you know- 3 AM-pregnancy brain is a real issue. I found I left cream cheese on the dryer after using it for our bagels. I can never remember where I put my phone, keys, purse, shoes, credit card, etc.

What I miss: Brushing my teeth without gagging, enjoying smoothies (huge texture issues)

Cravings: chocolate, Greek salad, salt/vinegar potato chips, oranges, bananas, apples, and CARBS

Symptoms: Tailbone pain- I know why some people get out of chairs funny while pregnant. I feel like I broke my tailbone after sitting at work all day. I have dry skin that causes need for lotion twice a day. I have more pimples than usual (oh puberty symptoms, nice to see you again).

Best Moment This Week: On Wednesday, we had our 19/20 week sonogram. I’m due August 13th and baby was measuring right on schedule. We have experienced loss and just a lot of sadness lately with friends. To hear that baby is healthy and everything looks good- it was just such a joy/relief. I do not take it for granted and realize this little life is our sweet miracle.

More to come on timing of this baby and all the good things God has done through our miracle....

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