Saturday, November 16, 2013

Kyle and Deacon

Where it all started....were we really this skinny? This is around 13/15 weeks I think.
Ashley and I were sorority sisters at Baylor University. There began a friendship that now 9 years later has seen two marriages( her to Luke, me to Matt) bought/sold houses, different cities, different states, graduate school, new jobs, and now four beautiful (or should I say handsome?) boys. 

When we moved to Dallas, one of the most exciting parts of the move was living ten minutes from the Baker's. When we found out in February that we were pregnant along with the Baker's, this was the cherry on top of the ice cream sundae. We always joked about trying to have the baby on the same day, but I never really thought it was a possibility. With a two week separation between our due dates and Ashley carrying Kyle very low, I figured she would for sure go at 38 weeks. 

Halloween- the night before induction

As due dates got closer and still no Kyle, I started to have dreams about us having babies on the same date but I just figured there was no way. I also thought I would go over my due date with Deacon and I knew that the longest they would let baby Kyle go was November 4th. 
I have the epidural at this point- numb legs and all. Ashley walked down the hall to come check on me!
With how I was feeling and Ashley being ready to have her baby that was 10 days late, timing started to work towards our favor. Like I said in the post last week, the doctor gave us the go ahead to induce and Ashley was already inducing on November 1st, so it ended up happening!

With having the same doctor, delivering in the same hospital, having two boys (Noah and Kaleb) that are already best friends, we quickly became well known on the labor and delivery floor. I'm pretty sure my obgyn fought for me to be induced on November 2nd because I was told I took the last induction. 

I had just had baby Deacon and was headed up to recovery. They let me swing by and hang out with Ashley while they waited on baby Kyle.

We hung out all throughout the process. She came to visit me once my epidural was going. I saw her once I had baby Deacon. We texted all the time. It was so fun!

It ended up that Kyle decided to take his sweet time and not come until November 3rd, but our babies are hours apart.

Getting ready to go home- not good lighting!
The best part was having her on the same floor for recovery. Because we share so many friends, we had a pizza party in her room with the Lewis's. We had breakfast together one morning and she helped us as we packed up to leave. It was such a sweet adventure. 

One of my top five favorite memories. Labor was much more fun having my best friend by my side.Blessed! It was truly an amazing miracle and a wonderful blessing. Deacon and Kyle  have to be best buds with this story. They have been together since the womb as Ashley and I ran miles and miles together. 

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