Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Remember when...that time in Vegas...

I'm a big fan of asking people questions and wandering down memory lane. I can guarantee years down the road, Matt and I will be on a date and I will start the "Remember When Game". I think I will start the game off by saying, "Remember when we took Noah to Vegas when he was only six months old?"

Yes, that's right. The WHOLE Clem family took a trip to Vegas this past weekend. Are we crazy:? Yes, maybe a little. Would I do it again? No, but it was worth it-100% worth it.

My Two Handsome Men at the Hotel!
It all started when Matt was offered the amazing opportunity to join in on an MMPI conference in Las Vegas. I'm not even going to try to explain what that means, but it is a standardized test that him and some colleagues have been doing research on involving TBI (traumatic brain injury) patients. At first, Matt was just going to go, but somehow he convinced me that I should tag along too. It took some convincing, but I agreed as long as Noah could come with me.

Noah flew like a champ. I'm not kidding. Homeboy was given many compliments by other passengers that he was the BEST baby they had ever seen on a plane. I was really nervous that he'd have trouble with his ears and be fussy sitting in my lap for over 3 hours, but he did it. He was PERFECT.

We arrived on Wednesday night late and headed to the hotel. We stayed at Harrah's. It was nice. The conference had a special deal, so we were happy with the prices. On Thursday, Matt headed to the conference and from 8-5 (with a 3 naps in between) Noah and I moseyed around all the stores that were on our little block. My favorite was the Venetian and Cesar's Palace. They were so clean. I loved looking around at the expensive shops and enjoying the chocolate samples in some of the stores. Yes, I am the queen of samples.

Our Best Surprise Guest on the Right---AUNT CYNDI!

On Friday, Matt's grandparents (Oma and Opa) came down from California. They surprised us and Matt's Aunt Cyndi tagged along too. Boy were we excited to see them. Noah could not stop staring at Opa. That night, we ventured to my favorite memory of the trip- Heart Attack Cafe.

Two people have actually died after eating their burgers (sidenote). BUT, it was amazing food and a spectacular atmosphere. The waitresses wore nurses outfits, the men wore doctor's suits, and we wore patient gowns with wrist bands. There was NOTHING healthy on the menu. They even offer a 10,000 calorie burger. See below!

Look at that Burger!

Afterwards, we headed to Freemont and watched the light show. Noah was awake for a little bit, but the time change was hard. He took a pretty good snooze even though there was chaos around him.

On Saturday, the clan ate at Otto Enoteca Pizzeria- Mario Batali's famous restaurant. It was amazing- I want some as I type this. Opa ordered this cheese plate that we all were dying over. It was such a fun little lunch. We took our time ordering, eating, and conversing. The service was perfect, and the food was awesome. I felt like I was back in Europe.

I ended up not being adventurous and ordered pepperoni pizza, but a girl has got to eat when she b-feeds. I couldn't risk getting something too crazy and not liking it. If we ever go back to Vegas, I'd love to try more of the famous chef restaurants.

Oma and Noah at the Restaurant

 After this we headed to the M&M store by MGM. There are 4 stories of M&M gear. I was able to sample all the different flavors and boy was I one happy shopper. Our bags of merchandise we bought ended up getting stolen, but that's a sad story so I'm not going to tell it. Word of the wise- watch yo back in Vegas.

Ignore the my hair and Matt's Lakers shirt. 
Overall it was a great trip and we survived Vegas! 

Moments like these made it all worth it...

Opa, can I have a bite?

Oma, will you snuggle me?

Watch me, I'll put this whole bottle in my mouth.
Peace, Love, and VEGAS BABY!

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