Thursday, May 10, 2012

Do You Know-Ah Noah?

Alright, silly title, but homeboy has been keeping us busy lately. There a couple things I want to document/share that I do not want to forget.

First of all, Noah can put his own pacifier in his mouth. It is quite the trick for Noah and victory for the Clem’s. We keep a pacifier attached to him with a little strap. He is now oh so talented at putting it in his mouth when he needs it. It’s the cutest. I love his long face when he is busily working on sucking the pacifier. He will also put it in his mouth the wrong way and get the silliest expression. He looks like a little golden retriever who has fetched his bone. Yes, cute, totally cute.

Noah can flip pages in a book. We have a little plastic book attached to his bouncer, and he can flip through the pages like a pro. He looks like he’s reading it. Maybe we have the next Einstein on our hands. I’m fairly certain that everybody thinks they have a baby genius.

Obviously not a book picture, but CUTE!

Noah now sleeps about 11 hours night. Yes wonderful, but it has really taken a damper on the naps. He thinks that he is well rested after a 20 minute power nap. It’s the worst, and we are working on it. The funny thing is lately, Noah has been sleeping in the funniest positions. I mean look at this? I seriously can’t get enough. 

Finally, we have a dancing machine. Noah rocks out to the beat. It's hilarious. We have it on video. He moves his body back and forth- bobbing his head. I could just eat him up.

Sorry if this is just over the top, mushy gushy. I love my nugget!

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  1. It's your blog. Be as mushy as you want! LOVE the sleeping boy in the bouncer! So cute!!!!!