Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Noah's says - Marriage 101

I have pages full of Noah quotes on my iPhone, but these are some of my favorite from the last month. Homeboy loves to talk about marriage, rings, pretty girls, and who he wants to kiss on the "wips". 

Direct from his mouth, I give you Noah's view of marriage.........

“I wish I could get married.”

“I put these bracelets on mom, I’m married”

Noah- “Are you married mom?”
Me- “Yes, to Daddy”
Noah- “Am I married to you mom?”
Me- “No”
Noah- “Oh ya, I’m married to myself.”

"I kiss Elsa (from Frozen) on the "wips". She's so beautiful."

"Haidyn (his little friend) is a princess. She gets married mom."

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