Monday, June 30, 2014

Noah says- Compliments 101

“Wow daddy, you are super awesome.”

Noah- “Mom, I like your shoes. What are they called?”
Me- “High heels.”
Noah- “Ok. Cute”

Noah- “Mom, you look handsome.”
Me- “Do you mean pretty?”
Noah-“No mom, you look handsome.”

 “Deacon is my brother. He is super cute.”

 “Bruiser is rowdy. I wuv him”

To our neighbor, as we are walking the dog-  “I like your dog neighbor. He is super cute. My dog’s name is Bruiser. Nice to meet you- have a good day”

Me- "You lucky dog!"
Noah- "No, I smell like a wet dog."

This age kills me. Matt and I go to bed quoting him.