Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Deacon is Five Months!

Weight/Length- Deacon Matthew is 26 inches and 16.5 pounds

Eating- Deacon eats every three to four hours during the day around 4-7 ounces each time. He is really starting to chug the milk-the thunder thighs are reflective of his ability to eat. He is still on mommy’s milk and has had a couple spoon fulls of baby food. I’ll be honest- he really isn’t all that interested. We have tried rice cereal and sweet potatoes. It could be that he doesn’t like those two things or that he is OK with just doing b-milk right now. I’m not worried.

Bedtime/Awake- Our once great sleeper is still not a great sleeper. His naps are predictable. He naps twice in the morning for around an hour and takes one big nap from 2-5. As for sleep, he goes down at 7:30 but wakes up at least once to eat at night. I have also had a couple go down at 7, eats at 1, and wide awake at 5 am. Those mornings- I’m pumping the coffee in the blood stream likes it’s my job.

Diapers- He is in 2’s.

Clothes- Deacon is in 3 months, 3-6 months, and 6 months.

Dislikes- He doesn’t like to be kept up past bed time- who can blame him? We find that he is definitely the kid that hits the point of no return, and its best if he’s down for good around 7:30-8. He doesn’t love his pacifier like Noah did. He will use it to fall asleep, but it’s never in his mouth during the day as he hangs out. He would much rather chew on his hands, my fingers, chew toys (which Noah never took interest in), or Noah’s fingers (not my favorite-big brother loves to put stuff in little brother’s mouth). We are working on that one, but it’s sweet to see how much Noah loves when Deacon touches him. Noah is always trying to hold his hand or have Deacon lay by him.  

Stranger anxiety- I have seen it a couple times with him. I thought he was too young for it , and it was a fluke the first time, but no. He is very particular about who holds him and is in his face. Maybe a sensitive spirit? I think it’s just a phase.

Likes- Deacon loves Matt. Oh my goodness- it is so precious. I love what Deacon has brought to our family. He is the perfect addition. Deacon loves to be held or just sit in our laps. He is a cuddle bug, and we just eat it up. He is a great restaurant baby because he will just sit and look around.

His favorite toy is Sofie the girafee (I know- ridiculously expensive item, and I’m so glad we are getting our money’s worth- Noah could have cared less about it). Our jumping bean loves to bounce, sit in his Bumbo, and be outside. He is now a hip baby which is so fun! We are seeing him be able to sit up on his own more and more. He likes to stand on his two legs and “be big”. Bath time has become a brother activity and they both love it. They will kick and splash together. It is great stimulation and the cutest thing to watch.

Favorite memories of the month- This month as been a whirlwind with my tax season. I am sitting here trying to think of favorite memories, but every day is my favorite. I love going home to two sweet boys.

OK enough mush- one of my favorite things Deacon does is pant and kick his legs as he is getting ready to eat. He sees the bottle and goes NUTS. He gets so excited for food (just like his mama)- it cracks us up! He also recognizes me, Matt, and Noah. He has some MOC (missing out complex) and doesn’t like to be left alone. I have found he would much rather cruise around on my hip as I get things done than lay on his play mat by himself *unless Noah is there- then he’s fine.

We have such an exciting month looking ahead. Easter is right around the corner, two of my very best friends are due with babies four days apart, and Matt’s parents are coming to visit in May. BLESSED!

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  1. LOVE This last picture and all of them. Sweet sweet boys.