Monday, December 2, 2013

Deacon is One Month!

Weight/Length- We go on Friday for his 1 month appointment. I will do a separate post then.

Eating- Deacon eats every 2.5-3 hours during the day. At night, we do 3-4 hours. I'm very excited for the 5-7 hours that should be coming here in the next couple weeks. As of right now, he is just doing mommy's milk.

Bedtime/Awake- Matt and I are BIG BIG BIG fans of Babywise (seriously). We started Deacon on this around week 2. Right now, we start our day around 6:30-7:30. Deacon eats, plays, and sleeps every 3 hours.  We put him down for a nap around 1 hour or 1.5 hours of being awake if he hasn’t fallen asleep sooner. The book recommends he stays awake at least an hour, but sometimes as much as we try- he fights it and is down around forty five minutes. Other times we have to put him down at 1.5 hours and he is still wide awake. Once we put him down for the night, we try to keep him asleep from around 8:30 until the morning. It isn't always 100% successful, but we are are work in progress.

Diapers- Deacon is a little peanut and still in newborn.

Clothes- Deacon is in newborn clothes.

Dislikes- Deacon doesn't like to sit still. He wants to be bouncing, rocking, held and walked. We are working on doing the playmate and letting him just chill- but he would much rather be stimulated. He semi loves/hates tummy time. You have to catch him in the right mood.

Likes- Deacon loves to take baths. I try to give him one every other night because it wears him out and he will sit there for fifteen minutes so happy. If there is any type of light or fan, Deacon is instantly drawn to it. He loves to eat and loves to watch his big brother play.

Favorite memories for the month- I have loved getting to watch Noah step into the role as big brother and love on Deacon. People always ask about jealousy. We haven't really seen much it at all. If anything, we have seen the smothering of love. Noah wants to hold, feed, and help with Deacon. Here is a classic sibling picture. Deacon ain't so happy with the Noah love.

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