Thursday, September 6, 2012

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing?

Matt sent me these pictures at work on Monday. I died laughing. I could not help but share. It's amazing how boys can entertain each other. I think Noah tootled around with this on his back for like an hour. :)

Doesn't look too thrilled to have this "monkey" on his back. Trying to shake it off! 

Alright, here we go.

Also notice the baby scrubs are back on. Can't get enough!

Daddy, isn't my buddy CUUUUUUUTE?

Let's get out of here. Time to grub.

Triathlon pictures to come. J I am getting my camera Friday- I left it at my parents. Praise God they found it! Matt and I were super bummed to think it had been left somewhere. The Lord answered our prayers and gave the camera back to us. I love that we can give the God the little things and He provides. (Not always in the way we want, but this time, YES!)

I think I would have given about all the belongings in my apartment to have those pictures back when I thought we’d lost it. Pictures are so valuable. 

Counting down the days until September 17th. Oh please come quickly. 

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  1. Oh my gosh so precious!!! I'm glad you found your camera. I miss y'all :). Can't wait to hang out and see Noah waive and clap. :) Hurry up 9/17!!!